Moving forward

I’ve been at work now for around two weeks.
My opinion on the place hasn’t changed for the better i’ll tell you that much. I feel like a spoilt little brat complaining about work, I’ve been lucky to even get myself a job! In all honesty though this blog is more for me to record the events of my life after University so I can look back on it in a few years and laugh it off. It’s also for the ones who are leaving University and have become depressed or unhappy with their situation, its horrible for all of us.


An unsettling feeling
Work is just like it was before. I’m sure now I don’t want to stay in this place for very long, im still searching for photography jobs. For now this job has to pay my bills so I have no choice but to stay there. We had a meeting the other day, you can tell the managers arn’t experienced. The main point of the meeting was to talk targets and to complain about the state of the stockroom and other negative feedback that THEY let people get away with on a day to day basis. It was a waste of my time to even attend because i am doing the job. If I’m being hired to do a job i do it, its as much for me as it is for them I need to get job satisfaction from it too.

Money side of things arn’t going great. I’ve already had to ask my other half for money, he’s paying the rent and bills this month. I cant put into words how awful that makes me feel. Our anniversary is coming up as well, god knows whats going to go down.

Lights, camera, newspaper…?
I applied for a job at Archant as an image curator, I got a phone call from them today asking to come in for an interview. I am ecstatic to even have the interview, what an opportunity! I also found out in the process of telling my university crew that another girl from my class also has an interview there, doesn’t that make things awkward. She does have a better grade than me (only by a mark) but I have the experience behind me. A little run down I was a the curator for my class’ degree show, it was a lot of work but I did it and was awarded student of the year. I ran our social media and so on so i am confident, but we will see. The interview is on Tuesday I need to ask for the afternoon of work if i’m in that day.

Things are going so well right now! I can’t wait for what comes next. The interview has been a lift in my spirit.

Thats all for now, I’ll keep you updated.
-Adriana Gomes


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